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~~~~~~~~~ Hello this is Karina ~~~~~~~~~~ I draw things and write stuff. This blog is filled with rainbows and lack of self confidence so beware. I also like Sherlock and Roosterteeth a lot


"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.


This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘


Game of Thrones clothing porn


petition for Avengers 2 to end on a freeze-frame like this



They’re probably going to make an RT life of them packing and leaving 636 and saying goodbye.
If you’re not going to be able to handle it and you know it clap your hands.

citizen: it's a bird!
citizen: it's a plane!
*superman flies down with kryptonite between his teeth*
superman: it's a metaphor


that boy you called crazy? he has encephalitis. that girl you called a bitch? she’s a journalist just trying to do her job. that woman you called overemotional? her friend tried to kill the guy she likes. that man you called the chesapeake ripper? he’s just a psychiatrist whose name rhymes with cannibal and has been accused of being a killer by three different people. stop giving people labels before you really know them.

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